শেয়ার বাজারে বিনিয়োগ ঝুকিপুর্ণ, জেনে ও বুঝে বিনিয়োগ করুন।

Important Notice: New Upcoming IPO -Trust Islami Life Insurance Limited ( Subscription Open: April 3, 2023; Subscription Close: April 9, 2023).


Our Vision is to consistently outperform the market in terms of financial performance so that we can be recognized as a leader in the field of securities trading based on Shariah guidelines.

As a robust and effective company with highly motivated employees we are working in the best interests of users on the foundation of accountability, openness, and integrity to ensure investors’ confidence.

We'll make an effort to promote capital market investments as a way of saving. We will work to boost investment, especially in initiatives that are more likely to increase employment.


Our goal is to implement and uphold modern trading techniques to ensure unwavering quality and impact on the financial system and capital market based on Islamic principles.


To solidify Islamic Securities trading through the implementation of a welfare-oriented trading system, as well as to increase customer satisfaction and righteousness in all business activities, accomplish sustainable growth and shared prosperity through flexible investment operations, specifically in the key areas and underdeveloped regions of the state.

To promote socioeconomic growth and financial services for the underprivileged people, underdeveloped areas


In addition to adopting balanced scorecard conceptual framework consistently through annual evaluation, IBSL's basic strategic interests also include the following more focused goals.

Financial Effectiveness

Accomplish sustained growth across all important financial metrics
Boost profitability by maximizing revenue and effectively managing expenses

Client Focus

Create strategic business alliance by acknowledging present and future product and service requirements.
Strive to draw clients by providing need-based financial products and services
Dynamic product and service enhancement to respond to evolving customers' requirements and stay competitive in the market

Quality assurance in Operations

Encourage participation in the stock market by offering over-the-counter trading services.
Use virtual technology to boost quality as a stride toward financial greatness.
Expand community engagement by experimenting with new marketing techniques.
Use social networking websites to enhance internal and external communication.
Devise and undertake out a marketing strategy to hasten financial inclusion.

Human Development

Employ specialists who enables the client flourish.
Foster the talents and leadership qualities of our workforce.
Align team expectations and incentive programs to performance.
Embracing and learning new international best practices.