শেয়ার বাজারে বিনিয়োগ ঝুকিপুর্ণ, জেনে ও বুঝে বিনিয়োগ করুন।

Important Notice: New Upcoming IPO -Trust Islami Life Insurance Limited ( Subscription Open: April 3, 2023; Subscription Close: April 9, 2023).


NRB Guidelines

Any Bangladeshi citizen over the age of 18 or any Bangladeshi institutions are eligible to become local investors.

Investor Services

We firmly think that "With quality salesmanship we can resale our products to our clients." With this conviction as our primary guideline, we have put together a properly calibrated customer service team made up of a group of recent business school graduates and seasoned customer service professionals who are kind, effective, and sensitive to customers' questions.

Beneficiary Owners (BO) Account Opening

Bangladeshi Institutions

The following things are required for a Bangladeshi Institutions to open a BO account at IBSL

Copy of trade license (if any)
Board regulations
Three copy of passport size photograph of authorized person
A complete set of account opening form (pdf)
Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Associations

Bangladeshi National

The following things are required for a Bangladeshi National to open a BO account at IBSL

National ID card/Passport/Ward Commissioner's certificate/Employee ID
One copy of photograph of Nominee/Authorized/POA
A complete set of account opening forms (pdf)
Three copy of passport size photograph
Copy of bank statement

Margin facility - When one of our esteemed investors feels the need for a margin facility, we set up margin facilities for those investors. To put it briefly, any investor who wishes to trade on margin account can do so by completing the necessary steps.

Institutional help desk - Through a distinct institutional help desk at Islami Bank Securities Limited, any institution or significant investor can obtain specialized customer care.

Tele/E-mail Trading - We provide the option to place orders over the phone and by email because it is not always feasible for investors to personally visit and put their orders.

Depository Services

In conjunction to opening and maintaining BO accounts, dematerializing and re-materializing instruments, transferring and transmitting instruments, and pledging and unpledging through CDBL are all included in our full depository services.

Trading Services

We have focused all of our efforts on creating a strong trading infrastructure because we want to be one of the top brokerages in the nation. We were established with the desire to dominate the market, and as a result, we have already made significant progress by opening branches and digital booths where we offer specialized trading services around the nation.

Fees & Charges

BO Account Opening Charge “BDT 500 only”
Annual Account Maintenance Fee “BDT 450 only”
Annual Service Charge “BDT 250 only”
Settlement and Transaction costs are inclusive of brokerage commission
Brokerage Commission: 0.40%

Tax Impact

Bangladeshi Individual

Bangladeshi Company

Cash Dividend*

If That individual has TIN, then tax impact on cash dividend 10% without TIN 15%

For Bangladeshi Companies Tax Impact on cash dividend is 20%

Capital Gain

There is no impact of tax on capital gain for a Bangladeshi Individual 0%

Tax Impact on capital gain for Bangladeshi Companies is 10%

* This is generally Deducted at source