শেয়ার বাজারে বিনিয়োগ ঝুকিপুর্ণ, জেনে ও বুঝে বিনিয়োগ করুন।

Important Notice: New Upcoming IPO -Trust Islami Life Insurance Limited ( Subscription Open: April 3, 2023; Subscription Close: April 9, 2023).


Online B/O account opening is a digital process that allows individuals or businesses to open a brokerage account online without having to visit a physical branch. IBSL provides online B/O account opening service from our website. This service enables our users to complete the entire account opening process online, including submitting required documents and verifying their identity, making it more convenient and accessible. The process typically involves filling out an application form, providing personal and financial information, and selecting investment options based on the individual's investment goals and risk tolerance. Online B/O account opening provides our investors with a more streamlined and efficient experience, as they can complete the process from anywhere at any time. This service of IBSL is particularly useful for those who live far from a physical branch or have busy schedules that make it difficult to visit during regular business hours.